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I was on a bicycle ride and stopped at a gas station for a bottle of water. I was standing by my bicycle enjoying the spring day, sipping on my water when a middle aged woman I did not know spoke to me. She explained that at first she thought I was her son, same build, height, color and length of hair and he enjoys riding his bicycle as well.  Then she said, “But you can’t be, my son Gabe, he is in prison, I can’t get over the resemblance”.  I started thinking about how often people approach me and I wondered if you have statements, questions or conversations thrust upon you from people you do not know? These are encounters directed to you, not through work or from family or friends but from people who are strangers that you share some space or time at any given moment. I decided that I would make a list of statements, questions and conversations directed to me by complete strangers for the next year and I would then share them with you.

A year has past, questions and conversations have come my way but nothing interesting to share. Gone are the days when people approached me thinking I was Robin Williams. No one, that I have noticed, has been so shaken thinking I was a ghost. For me fame has been a fleeting condition and I do miss those encounters. I also have not been greeted and questioned with the familiar, “Hello Mr. Letterman, what are you doing here in Target?” Have you seen pictures of him lately? I don’t think he even gets asked that question. Occasionally I still hear the question when I am in a restaurant with my wife and the waiter or waitress approaches us from my rear, “What can I get you ladies to drink?” I believe that question is all but gone as well because I am told that my hair is thinning on the top back part of my head. I haven’t really checked it out but I have caught glimpses when I look up at the camera overhead at a convenience store. I’ve got to stay out of those places and also well lit restaurants. “Forget about it”, I tell myself, I can’t look forward if I am looking in my rearview mirror. Think positive, wear a hat and I might develop a new fan base.

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