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IMG_1404It is not my most urgent desire to write about music.  I don’t really know much about it.  I mean I can read music but I can’t really carry much of a tune.  I don’t understand the inner workings of a song, how the technical parts bring the lyrics and the music together.  Like most of us, I just know what I like, what stirs something in me.  My last letter made reference to music and my plans were to move on to another topic.  But from conversations we have had it seems that I have some explaining to do.  An explanation of why I enjoy some of the music that I listen to.  Some of the lyrics contained in these songs are a puzzle to you because you don’t think it is very positive, it does’t fit my glass half full outlook on life.  But really, for me it is quite the contrary.  The music I listen to exposes me to the expressions of other people’s thoughts and ideas.  I enjoy songs with lyrics that allow me to think, they have a message for me, they allow me to look outside of my daily life and to imagine.  For me it does reflect my glass half full perspective on life.  For some listeners it is the melody that hooks them to a particular song.  For me it is the lyrics first and then the melody puts it all together, the finishing touch.

If you google music types, thousands will be identified.  There is a classification that can be used to place every song that has been written into a genre.  So, to explain the genres of music that I most enjoy I will try and make it simple by arbitrarily placing all music in two very general categories.  These two general categories are Bazooka bubble gum and Dentyne chewing gum.  Bazooka bubble gum has a very sweet taste and its intended use as stated in its name, is for blowing gum based bubbles.  I describe the Bazooka bubble gum category of music as having an upbeat sound with sing along choruses and also an innocence in the sound and lyrics.  This music is about feeling good or being happy.  There is nothing wrong with this general category of music.  Songs by the Ronettes, Crystals and the Everly Brothers comes immediately to my mind.  I really enjoy this category of songs.  The Dentyne chewing gum category of music is best described from the gum manufacturers own advertising:  Dentyne provides an aid to oral hygiene.  It prevents tooth decay.  Dentyne keeps teeth white.  Dentyne chewing gum as advertised, in my opinion has a more utilitarian purpose that explains its reason to exist.  I describe the Dentyne chewing gum category of music as being imaginative.  It can be philosophical.  It may be politically or socially orientated.  Experiences are expressed by the song writer and singer.  The Dentyne chewing gum category of music is helpful in understanding and then accepting or rejecting expressed thoughts and ideas of the song.  Empathy?  Perhaps.  These two very general categories that I have shared with you allow me to attempt to explain music that I enjoy.  It also helps me to sort out a very general category of music that I want to listen to at any specific time.  What is my mood?  Something a little light or music with more bite?  I usually prefer the Dentyne chewing gum category of music.  The bite.  You probably enjoy this category of music as well.  Think of the songs that you enjoy listening too.  Do the lyrics more closely align with the Dentyne definition that I have described?   Within the Dentyne category is a genre of music that seems most puzzling at times for my family to understand my connection.  To best describe the genre of music I most enjoy it is much like receiving a piece of Dentyne gum from a stranger, with no wrapper.  I take it.  I put it in my mouth.  I chew it.  I accept Dentyne.  I accept my music.

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