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Do you know what it means when someone says, “the answer is black and white”?  Only one answer or only one way that something can be done.  Really? What is so black and white that there is only one side?  An old saying, “the only sure things are death and taxes”.  If that is true, then everything else must be up for interpretation, custom or habit.  I believe that the human being strives for, or wants to look for the black and white answer.  Seems to me to be a pretty lazy way of looking at life.  I am always suspect of the person, idea or proclamation that suggests that anything is that clear.  I don’t get a lot of comfort out of the thought that anything is that certain.  Life is an adventure and an adventure in living can not be filled with what is believed to have black and white certainty.  I begin each day looking for the grays in my life.  It can be a struggle, and sometimes I think I might just take the day off from doing things a little different, and follow the road most often traveled.  But a well traveled road is like negative thoughts and behavior, it’s easy.  It takes some real effort to follow the road less traveled and to have thoughts and behaviors that are positive.  So I strive to live in the grays and I find these shades to be beautiful.

If I am not willing to lose, to make a mistake, then I can never appreciate the adventure of living.  There is always risks in my adventure but life would be extremely boring and tiring if there were no back roads, alleys or dead ends.  I am reminded of our family vacation in Memphis and seeing the National Civil Rights Museum.  I realize how difficult it is for some to imagine our country before Martin Luther King and others who had a dream, took risks and lived through their adventure.  Seeing that motel was a stark reminder for me of history, and for the future and what living can mean for all of us.

Enjoy your grays that make up your adventure in living.

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